The technology landscape is changing every day and as it changes we are seeing the enterprise relying more and more in technology. Not only is technology a standard tool in almost all enterprises, it is also a tool that is taking those companies on to the next stage of their growth and as the IT within organisations becomes more streamlined the business can achieve far more in terms of turnover and profit.

As more new technologies emerge whilst there is even more potential for businesses to become more efficient there is also an ever increasing need for IT service management – as the reliance on IT becomes greater companies need to ensure that the IT systems are designed, implemented and maintenance in the most efficient and secure way possible.

This provides a great opportunity for companies that operate in the IT services industry but also with that opportunity comes an ever increasing responsibility. Because IT systems are handling more and more tasks companies are being exposed to more risks and this means IT security is of the upmost importance.

The primary concern when it comes to IT security is ensuring that systems are deployed correctly and also that they are maintained correctly.

Using standards such as those outlined by ITIL is extremely important because it helps to ensure that best practices are always being followed from the initial planning of an IT system through to its delivery and ongoing maintenance. Without ITIL training and procedures in place there will always be room for error, for systems being set up incorrectly and also for important factors to be completely overlooked.

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